Walk for thought 2010

Date: March 20, 2010

walk for thought 2010

For those of you who went to the walk I am sure you will agree that it was a huge success. All of the hard work of everyone really paid off. Our back packs were all over the place and so were our hats and cups. I know there are some great pictures floating around and I hope they get posted for all of us to see. Special thanks to  the booth workers (all of whom did more than me!) Jen and Teresa. We had to work very hard while all of you were walking. Of course, Jen both walked AND worked in the booth! I got a lot of feedback complimenting us on our booth from the public in general and from the other sponsors.

I spent some time talking to other booth workers and there is a real sense of passion to what they do. Nobody looks at this walk as just another walk. I am sure some of you remember the first year we did this there were maybe 35 walkers and we were close to half the crowd. This has really grown and I am sure it will be huge next year.

I would like to nominate Sals dog Rusty as trooper of the day. He is the like a 90 year old man doing the walk. By the way, who had those baying Beagles? They win the award for most likely to wake up the neighbors in the middle of the night!