Can I Still Recover Compensation if my Personal Injury Claim was Denied?

claim-denied-red-stampIf you or a loved one was injured in an accident and your personal injury claim was denied, you may still be eligible for compensation to cover medical costs, lost income if you missed work, property losses and other damages related to the incident. Having a knowledgeable attorney review your claim could help, even if your claim was denied.

The Sacramento personal injury lawyers at the Arnold Law Firm can evaluate your denied claim in a free consultation. Our firm has a wealth of experience dealing with denied claims. We charge no upfront costs to review your claim and we only receive payment if we can obtain compensation for your claim.

Learn how and why insurance companies may deny your injury claim and how our lawyers may still be able to help you obtain the compensation you deserve.

When Can the Insurance Company Deny My Claim? 

Insurance companies have the right to deny injury claims if the reason given is within federal and state insurance laws. Common reasons for denying insurance claims are:

  • Insufficient medical proof of injury
  • Compensation demands are too high
  • Failing to file a claim on time
  • Cause of injury is in question
  • Lapse in policy at the time of the incident

Although these may be valid reasons for denying an injury claim, you may still be able to obtain compensation. Consulting with a licensed attorney is highly recommended if your claim was denied. You and your lawyer may need to gather additional evidence to file an appeal to disprove the reason for denying your claim.

Illegitimate Reasons for Denying a Claim

Many insurance companies employ bad faith tactics to deny or delay payments on claims. Some common illegal tactics that insurers might use are:

  • Denying your claim without a proper investigation
  • Offering you much less compensation than you may deserve
  • Claiming that the policy restrictions have changed

If your claim was denied for any of the above reasons, you may need a licensed attorney to help fight for your rights to fair compensation. Our attorneys are aware of these tactics and know how to refer to state and federal insurance laws and the proper procedure to dispute these allegations.

Will I Need to File a Lawsuit Against the Insurer?

If the insurance company does not budge on its stance without a reasonable explanation for denying your claim, you may need to file a lawsuit. Most personal injury cases are resolved through negotiation, however, going to court could be the last option to recover the compensation you may deserve.

If you have a qualified attorney who has experience winning lawsuits in court, insurance companies may be more willing to settle your case before going to trial. The insurers would rather save themselves time and money instead of going through the litigation process, which can be time-consuming and costly.

Free Evaluation by A Legal Professional

Personal injury victims who hire legal representation have been known to secure larger compensation awards as opposed to those who decide to handle the case on their own. Do not let a denied claim stop you from pursuing the compensation you may deserve.

The injury lawyers at the Arnold Law Firm are prepared to discuss your claim and help you file an appeal if your claim was denied. We offer a free initial consultation and we charge you nothing, unless we secure the compensation you may need. You do not have to hire our firm even after your initial consultation, so there is no risk in giving us a call.

We can handle your case any way you like, in person, online or on the phone. We offer video conferencing and electronic signature services, so you can get the process started from the safety of your own home.

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