Study Reveals Jump Bikes More Popular Than Uber

jump bikes more popular than uberLast spring, Uber introduced nine hundred red Jump bikes to the Sacramento, West Sacramento and Davis area. The program promised on-demand electric bikes that would allow commuters the ability to travel farther and get to their destination faster in a fun, convenient and economical way.

Uber officials were hopeful that having shared bikes in Sacramento would have significant public appeal and become another popular way to get around alongside the company’s main rideshare car service. The city of Sacramento was chosen for its good weather, flat terrain and overall bike-friendly mentality.

However, a study conducted in October of 2018 has uncovered that Jump bikes are far more popular in Sacramento than Uber could have ever imagined. These shared bikes are becoming the preferred method of transportation for the city over Uber rides. 

Latest Findings on Uber’s Jump Bikes

According to the study, more people in Sacramento are renting Jump bikes (53 percent) than using Uber’s car service (47 percent). This means that out of 16 cities across that nation that use both Uber’s bike and car service, only the city of Sacramento has seen the number of car trips overtaken by the number of trips on electric bikes.   

The findings were focused on ridership data within Sacramento’s electric bike service area with the exception of Uber rides from Sacramento International Airport. This bike service area also encompasses Central Sacramento, part of West Sacramento and the city of Davis.

Company officials, including Alex Hagelin, the head of Uber’s Jump bike program in Sacramento, were surprised by these latest findings. While Uber has been around for years, this is the first time where bikes have become more popular than rideshare vehicles in such a short amount of time, Hagelin stated.

Extending Rideshare Services

Uber purchased the bike-sharing startup Jump just last year. This move was done in an effort to broaden rideshare services and become more environmentally friendly. There are currently 1,000 Jump bikes in service, averaging 6,500 rides per day during non-inclement weather.

Alongside its shared bikes, the company also introduced electric scooters to the Sacramento area. The first 100 Jump scooters hit the downtown streets of Sacramento and West Sacramento on February 8th.

Dara Khosrowshahi, the CEO of Uber, called the company’s Sacramento rideshare program an example of how to get people moving from Point A to Point B in a smarter, safer and more efficient way.

Khosrowshahi hopes the company can help solve large transportation problems for cities by getting people out of cars and onto bikes or scooters. City officials in Sacramento agree that it can help reduce both traffic congestion and carbon emissions.

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