Why Should an Expert Witness Testify in My Personal Injury Case?

man in blue shirtWhen you decide to file a personal injury claim because of injuries you suffered in an accident, you may have the option of including expert witness testimony to help win the case.

An expert witness can use his or her professional training and experience to support a strong argument for various aspects of your case, including how your injury resulted from negligence or the value of the damages you have suffered.

If you have a legitimate claim, the dedicated Sacramento personal injury attorneys at the Arnold Law Firm can explain how an expert witness may help your claim.

What is an Expert Witness?

An expert witness is a trained, highly educated professional who can provide testimony based on knowledge, skill and experience related to the circumstances of the accident. Different types of medical and technical professionals are commonly called into the courtroom to testify on behalf of a plaintiff or the defendant.

Attorneys for both sides use expert witnesses to help explain complex topics to judges and juries. Their testimony can help give the jury a better understanding of the evidence and the facts at issue in the case, including what the evidence may imply and how to interpret it.

Many qualifications determine the credibility of an expert witness, including:

  • Credentials
  • Previous experience testifying
  • Reputation
  • Being published in peer-reviewed journals

Expert witnesses can testify about a much wider range of issues than a lay witness, who can only offer opinions based on what they saw and their perceptions of the situation.

Expert witnesses provide unbiased testimony, as opposed to family and friends of the victim. Juries may have doubts about testimony from family members and friends because they have an inherent bias. Juries may view expert testimony as more objective.

Expert witnesses are also allowed to make inferences from the facts and evidence presented in a case. This can help clarify things the jury may be unclear about, particularly when it comes to complex evidence.

Different Kinds of Expert Witnesses

Many professionals from different fields and industries may qualify as expert witnesses, including:

      • Medical professionals – This could include surgeons, doctors, medical technicians, physician assistants and other professionals. They may give their opinions about a victim’s injuries, treatment and how those injuries and treatments affect victims on a daily basis. For instance, if you were injured during a surgical procedure, someone else with similar education or experience in the same field as the medical provider may be brought in to testify.
      • Financial/economic professionals – They may be called to testify about the cost of a victim’s damages or future lost income.
      • Mental health professionals – This could include psychologists, psychiatrists and others who are brought in to explain the mental effects of an injury.

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