Why Is It Important for Injury Victims to Continue Medical Treatment?

woman-doc-patient-chest-x-rayInjury victims often wonder what they can do to assist their lawyers in pursuing compensation through an insurance claim or personal injury lawsuit. While there are a variety of ways victims may be able to help their lawyers, one of the most important things they can do is to keep going to their doctor and continuing to receive treatment.

Stopping treatment could prevent your lawyers from pursuing full compensation for your damages. The insurance company could argue your injuries are fully healed; therefore, you should not be able to add any more medical costs or other damages to your claim.

Below, the Sacramento personal injury lawyers at Arnold Law Firm further outline the importance of continuing medical treatment.

Medical Treatment is Essential

It is important to receive medical attention immediately after an injury occurs. If you wait, your injuries may become worse than they otherwise would have been.

Adrenaline can mask pain and other symptoms of an injury. In some cases, you may not experience symptoms for hours or days after the accident. For instance, a delay in medical treatment for a traumatic brain injury could be fatal or result in permanent damage.

Seeking treatment right away also helps to link your injury to the accident. If you fail to do this, the insurer could claim that your injury was caused by something other than the accident, such as a pre-existing injury.

The doctor who treats you may ask to see you again, refer you to a specialist, order tests, prescribe medication or request that you undergo other treatment or medical interventions.

Following the doctor’s orders is important not only for your health. It also helps to show the severity of your injuries to the insurance company. The insurance company will likely claim your injuries are not serious if you do not attend follow-up appointments or other treatments prescribed by your doctor.

Prematurely stopping treatment may result in the insurance company devaluing or even denying your claim, making it harder for your attorney to recover the full value of your medical bills and other damages.

Keep track of documentation of treatments received and appointments attended. Keep receipts for prescription medications you purchased. Insurers will look for any reasons to devalue your claim or deny it altogether. If you missed an appointment without rescheduling it or did not fill a prescription, adjusters or investigators may find out.

Can I See My Own Doctor?

If you have serious injuries that require immediate medical attention, seek the emergency assistance you need.  If your pain and discomfort are more manageable, promptly contact your primary care physician to schedule an examination.

What Happens When Medical Treatment Concludes?

Once an injury is stabilized and is unlikely to improve with more treatment, your lawyer can get a better idea about future treatment needs and other damages you could experience even after the claim has been resolved.

Accepting an early settlement offer from the insurance company will likely be far less than your claim may actually be worth. The insurance company is unable to factor in future treatment costs because your injury has not reached the point where it is unlikely to improve further.

When you accept a settlement, you generally waive your right to file a lawsuit in the future if your injury gets worse. You are then unable to pursue more compensation, even if you still need to receive medical treatment.

That is why it is important to wait until your injury has fully healed or is unlikely to improve further.

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