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Stephanie Baffoni

Case Manager

Arnold Law case manager Stephanie BaffoniStephanie Baffoni is an accomplished legal case manager with a lifelong passion for assisting others and a remarkable dedication to client satisfaction. Born and raised in the vibrant Bay Area, Stephanie’s inclination towards helping people began at a very young age, fostering a deep sense of empathy and compassion that continues to define her professional pursuits.

With an impressive background in customer service spanning over two decades, Stephanie has honed her interpersonal and communication skills, becoming adept at understanding and addressing the unique needs of her clients. Her unwavering commitment to excellence has garnered her recognition and appreciation from numerous clients, establishing her reputation as a reliable and trusted professional in the legal industry.

Currently, Stephanie is on the cusp of completing her Associate of Arts in paralegal studies, a field that has further ignited her passion for the legal realm. Eager to expand her knowledge and expertise, she has set her sights on pursuing a bachelor’s degree in political science, aligning her academic pursuits with her long-term career objectives.

Fueling her ambition is Stephanie’s ultimate goal of attending law school to realize her aspiration of becoming a personal injury attorney. Driven by her genuine love for the legal field, she remains steadfast in her determination to secure the best possible outcomes for her clients, advocating tirelessly on their behalf.

Outside of her professional endeavors, Stephanie finds immense joy in spending quality time with her beloved family. Her cherished son, Michael, and devoted husband, Chris, are the center of her world. As a sports-loving family, they enthusiastically attend Giants and Niners games every season, sharing memorable moments and creating lasting bonds through their shared passion for sports.

In addition to her love for sports, Stephanie embraces the serenity of nature and relishes spending time outdoors, especially in the vicinity of water. A frequent visitor to Laguna Beach, she revels in the beauty of its surroundings and eagerly anticipates their annual art festival, which enriches her appreciation for creativity and artistic expression.

Stephanie Baffoni’s exceptional blend of professional expertise, genuine concern for clients, and unwavering commitment to personal growth make her the perfect fit as a case manager for attorney John T. Stralen at the Arnold Law Firm as she epitomizes the qualities of a true legal professional. As she continues to embark on her academic journey and pursue her dream of becoming a personal injury attorney, Stephanie remains an inspiring role model for those around her, positively impacting both her clients and the legal community.