Reviews From Our Clients

#1 Tony Ahmad00 Mohammad00, Jun 16, 2021
Everyone down at Arnold Law Firm were great! They always answered every question I had in a timely manner. Just appreciate them trying to push as hard as they could for my case and the end result ended up being a little more than I expected which is great! I was recommended and I was very pleased with my experience so I recommend Arnold Law Firm. jocelin watson, Jun 04, 2021
No one would take my case until I was set up with Arnold Law Firm. I had never been in an accident before so this was a very new experience for me emotionally. Tony handled my case with a no “BS” approach. He and his team were very straight forward with me so I never felt in the dark. I appreciated how fast they all responded and got me taken care of. I still hurt daily, but the mental toll of my injuries are far less I believe due to being in the care of Arnold Law Firm. I highly recommend them, well worth it. Alison Brillant, Nov 15, 2020
I was referred to this law firm by my friend, and I was really happy with their service. Very professional, responsive, and knowledgeable . Mr. Hugo was also really good at keeping me updated about my case all the time with a very professional and respectful manner. Afshin Vojdani, Nov 04, 2020
First and foremost my biggest thanks goes to Hugo Flores-Nava for all of his hard work and the effort that he put into my auto accident case. I am beyond pleased with the financial settlement that I received. Hugo is very proficient at his job. I wanted to wrap up this case as soon as possible but Hugo convinced me to be patient and I am very glad that he did because the end result benefited me financially. Hugo also lowered my medical bills considerably which also benefited me financially. Thank you to the entire staff at the Arnold Law Firm for handling my case and employing people like Hugo. I would highly recommend the Arnold law firm to anyone seeking legal advice. Bob Keffeler, Sep 23, 2020
After visiting with four other Attorney groups Arnold Law Firm was obviously the right choice. Saul Sandivol of the Arnold Law Firm made me hopeful from day one that I had a good case. We worked together on gathering all facts and paperwork needed . He always returned my call promptly he kept me up-to-date on a regular basis. It has been a positive experience the whole way through. Thank you Saul and your team for helping me when the wrongful death case. Linda McBride, Aug 27, 2020
I was involved in a car accident and although the case was dragged out a few years (not the firms fault it was the other party) Arnold Law Firm kept me in the loop of everything and always updated me on my case in a timely manner. They were professional and straight to the point. I would recommend them to anyone in need! Brittany , Aug 24, 2020
Great law firm ! Helped us when we were at a loss after my husbands car accident !! Christine Bode, Jul 18, 2020
The whole staff is very polite. From the time you walk in. Always had time to listen. And Checking up on the case. I know where to send my dearest friends. Thank you so much for everything. robert pridham, Apr 29, 2020
This is the most professional and polite law firm I have utilized. I work in the legal field and this law firm is at the top of the game. Every staff member is polite, remembers you, accommodating and very efficient at their job. The reception area is clean, neat and offers many drink options from tea, coffee, water etc. The bathroom is clean and updated. The conference rooms are comfortable and warm. Anthony Ontiveros is an amazing attorney. His team is the most efficient and organized team. They don’t miss a deadline. They keep you informed on your case and most importantly they are honest. No promises of getting you the world. You are given realistic expectations. Anthony is sharp and savvy in the courtroom. He is a really aggressive litigator but will also advise you on any possible settlements. I can’t say enough about this firm and Anthony’s team. Thank you Larissa, Joy, and all the other names I can’t recall right now. This is the best in town!!! M Scott, Feb 05, 2020
Thanks for the help when we were in a tight spot Bern Sau, Sep 21, 2019
I had a very positive experience with Arnold Law Firm. I contacted them late in the game and they were kind to accept my case. They are very organized and made sure that we were prepared. In the end, I received a very favorable result. Thanks!! Jonathan Weisman, Sep 18, 2019
Excellent service. Everyone at Arnold's Law Firm provides professional service. All questions are answered promptly and thoroughly. Attentive and courteous are all the employees that I have encountered. Most of all, the knowledge and expertise are outstanding. Loretta Ashizawa, Sep 16, 2019
I filed a Medicare Fraud claim in 2012 regarding a former employer. Seven years had passed and things went awry until Anderson Berry recovered the case and moved forward with it. I cannot express my gratitude for the work he has done on this case. Nancy Smith, Aug 06, 2019
Arnold law firm is the best. MR SANDOVAL Work my case , gathered all the evidence , remembered me , everytime I called , checked in on me during my medical treatments and knew what I was going through , talked to me , like a real person. The front staff , even though I didn't look good or fresh , treated me real nice , I am a hard working dude and look almost homeless on some days and they were always nice , Arnold hires the best , is the best ! good citizen, Jul 16, 2019
Met with a lawyer who is taking care of my wife's potential lawsuit. He was nice and his assistant is reallly on top of things. I'd recommend them if you need representaion. No upfront costs and reasonable expectations when suit is settled. eric poole, Jun 25, 2019
Receptionist Sandra, who fielded my initial inquiry call, was very helpful and friendly. She listened well, and immediately gave an answer if issue I was inquiring about was something the Arnold Law Firm handles. She was also helpful in how to search for a law firm that is more consumer class-action dominant to fit my needs better. Karen Teague, Apr 01, 2019
Very informative Black Widow Tattoo, Nov 14, 2018
I’ve never been involved in an accident before- and I got involved in one awhile ago. I decided to see the Arnold law firm, and have been treated great. Tony and his team are prompt in getting everything done in a timely manner and respond extremely fast to emails, calls, etc. Thank you for all the help! Brittany Glick, Sep 25, 2018
Mr. Sandoval did a excellent job with my case, I would highly recommend this law firm they treat everyone with great respect. Orlando Robles, Jun 21, 2017
J. Watson will fight for you. I am gad I found this firm. If you need an attorney, then give these lawyers a try. Robert Vandyke, Jun 17, 2017
They are very helpful A TB, Mar 26, 2017
Great people, very professional, would use them again. Clay Arnold very personable, as was John Stralen, Karen Lee, and Jennifer Norris. Lynn Thiel, Aug 06, 2016
Karen,I want to say thank you for handling my case. I am truly blessed to have had you on my side. I could not have had anyone better! You responded to all my inquiries right away, you explained the status of my case, you had a lot of patience with me (kept asking the same questions over and over). I recommend Karen to anyone. Josie Marcial, Jul 28, 2016
John Stralen did an excellent job representing me on my personal injury case. He was very easy to work with and frequently communicated with me regarding the status of my case. My injury was a difficult time for me and John was upbeat and understanding. His technical competency as an attorney is beyond reproach. I strongly recommend John of the Arnold Law firm as your personal injury attorney. Iggy Lopez-Alvarez, Jul 27, 2016
Great law firm! Kaci Bloemers, Mar 13, 2016