Curling Iron Defects Cause Sparks, Flames

Poorly designed products not only waste consumers hard earned money, they can be dangerous. The Arnold Law Firm is currently investigating reports involving affordable, retail curling irons sold under a major brand name for less than $20.00.

The curling irons are marketed with the following features:

  • Power cords described as tangle-free designed to swivel at the base of the unit

  • Maximum heat with a 60-second fast heat-up

Consumer experiences include:

  • Sparks and flames from the power cord and/or power button of the curling iron, often associated with a loud pop sound

  • Excessive heating of the curling iron barrel

  • Power cord breaking or detaching from the curling iron unit, in some cases while plugged in and in use

  • Malfunctions with on/off control, temperature setting mechanism and power cord

  • Plastic insulation melting, exposing electrical wire

  • Excessive heating of lever, base and other hand-control areas of the curling iron

These occurrences result in a useless product and are potentially harmful.

If you have used or purchased a budget-priced, high-heat curling iron with a swivel power cord and experienced any of these issues, please call us at 916-924-3100. Whether or not you have suffered an injury, you may be eligible for legal remedies, and taking action could help improve product safety for all consumers.