$66,000 Case Result


With personal injury cases, success is defined by more than the number of dollars awarded at settlement. Our clients come to us not just bearing physical and financial trauma, but emotional and situational scars, as well. As the legal process evolves, relationships are built with our clients that typically last for a lifetime. Sometimes, that connection is unexpectedly remarkable.

A few months after joining the Arnold Law Firm, a former attorney received a dog-bite case that particularly resonated with her. As she reviewed the details of the injured party, she couldn’t help but notice an unusual number of personal similarities starting with being the same age as the client Christine, who happened to be a law student.

Our attorney, recently engaged and immersed in wedding planning at the time, was moved when she discovered that Christine had been bitten in the face by a friend’s dog just weeks before her wedding day. She could easily understand how devastating that experience would be, well beyond the physical pain and disfigurement.

As soon as she saw the evidence photos of Christine’s injuries, she recognized her and realized why her new client seemed so familiar. The two had been close friends in middle school, but attended different high schools and lost touch with each other. She was familiar with Christine’s maiden name, not the married name which her client was now using.

Despite injury being the reason they crossed paths again, the former classmates were pleased to have the opportunity to rekindle their friendship. “Who would have thought when we were twelve, you would be my attorney someday?” remarked Christine.

Passion for her work fueled by her personal connection garnered great results for her client: $66,000 in settlement for a case with $5,000 in medical expenses.