Volkswagen May Have to Buy Back Some Diesel Vehicles

Volkswagen buyback being considered

Volkswagen may soon announce a diesel vehicle buyback program. A spokesperson for the company recently made a statement indicating that a Volkswagen buyback may be the best solution for some recalled vehicles, because an emissions fix may not be ready any time soon.

The statement was part of a class action court hearing brought against Volkswagen by owners of affected vehicles. The company has been unable to bring emission levels down to federal requirements. The California Air Resources Board recently rejected Volkswagen’s proposed solution and deemed it substantially deficient.

Though Volkswagen is claiming that emission levels will be brought to compliance, the company is facing hundreds of lawsuits from both car dealers and owners of diesel models who are saddled with vehicles that now have significantly lowered resale value. It has been estimated that, since September, prices for Volkswagen vehicles have dropped by 16 percent.

The cars most likely to be considered for a Volkswagen buyback are those equipped with the EA 189 motor, which first appeared in diesel models sold in the United States in 2009.

The vast majority of vehicles containing the EA 189 motor were sold in Europe, however, lower nitrous oxide limits there make it easier for Volkswagen to update the software initially used to falsify emission levels.

The U.S. has much stricter limits on nitrous oxide, which is a pollutant that contributes to respiratory ailments. More astringent limits make a buyback program a simpler solution for recalled U.S. vehicles. There are an estimated 320,000 diesel cars in the U.S. containing the motor in question.

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