Takata Death Toll Rises to Eleven Fatalities in the United States

defective airbagTakata airbag victims now total ten, after two more innocent people lost their lives due to defective inflators manufactured by the airbag company.

Recently, a high school senior from Texas suffered fatal injuries when her 2002 Honda collided with another car in a rear-end crash. The crash triggered her vehicle’s faulty airbag to inflate.

According to law enforcement officials, the teen was not speeding and was wearing her seatbelt. A local sheriff said that all parties should have been able to walk away from the accident. Instead, the teen’s carotid artery was severed when the defective airbag deployed and sent metal shrapnel into her neck. She was pronounced dead at the scene.

In another incident, a woman recently died from injuries she sustained as a result of her Takata airbag in Jacksonville, Florida. The slow-speed collision occurred in 2014 while she was driving a 2001 Honda Civic. The retiree once enjoyed an active lifestyle, but became a quadriplegic after the accident and required her daughter’s care until her last days.

The retiree’s accident happened just days before Honda’s initial announcement recalling millions of vehicles. Her family is pursing legal action and holds Takata responsible for their mother’s severe injuries and death.

Automakers Urged to Speed Up Recall Completion Rate

Safety officials are not satisfied with the current recall efforts. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has mandated that manufacturers “work to a 100 percent completion rate” and do everything in their power to accomplish that goal.

Senator Bill Nelson of Florida has reprimanded automakers for not “getting the job done.” He urges auto manufacturers to up their efforts and fix every vehicle affected by the defective airbags before another person dies.

So far, nearly 24 million vehicles among 14 different auto manufacturers have been recalled. Only seven million of the vehicles have been fixed.

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