A Shocking Twist in the Nations Largest Automobile Recall

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Takata, the airbag manufacturer at the center of the largest and most complex auto recall ever, is saying that it may have to replace the airbags for a second time in a number of vehicles that were thought to already be fixed.

In a prepared testimony for a hearing before Congress Tuesday, Takata stated that many of the repaired cars had a batwing inflator installed, which is now believed to be a contributing factor in the exploding airbags.

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An Ever-Growing Problem

There are currently no estimates about the number of cars that have received the replacement airbags, which will now also need to be replaced.

Takata claims that age is a factor in the issue with the airbags, and that the recently fixed cars do not present an immediate risk to drivers. Executives will replace the replacements in a final stage of the recall.

Takata executives are prepared to tell Congress that they will stop producing airbags with the Batwing inflator. Questions still remain, however, about when they will make the transition to a safer inflator and if they will continue to provide replacement airbags with the batwing inflators.

First complaints of issues with the airbags that can explode violently, sending shards of metal throughout the vehicle, came nearly 15 years ago, and the first recall was issued in 2008 when Honda recalled 4,205 vehicles. Today the recall has ballooned to include 34 million vehicles in the U.S. alone.

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