Workplace Sexual Harassment in the Post-Weinstein Era: Radio Broadcast

Matthew VandallSan Francisco radio station KALW featured Arnold Law Firm attorney Matthew Vandall on a recent broadcast of "Your Legal Rights," where host Jeffrey Hayden interviewed Vandall and attorney Kelly Armstrong of The Armstrong Law Firm to discuss sexual harassment in the workplace – and how to address it when it occurs.

Vandall focuses on employment law, helping clients who have been harassed or discriminated against in their workplaces. As a Sacramento employment and sexual harassment lawyer, Vandall helps people resolve disputes with current and former employers that did not handle employment issues properly, such as wrongful termination matters.

Sexual Harassment Issues at Work

During the interview, Vandall and Armstrong explained in detail many issues surrounding employee sexual harassment, including:

  • What sexual harassment is
  • Types of behavior that are classified as sexual harassment
  • Different levels of sexual harassment
  • The increase in people coming forward to report incidents that occurred years ago
  • Whether bullying in the workplace is related to sexual harassment
  • Ways that employers can help prevent sexual harassment in the workplace
  • The effects on employers when employees are sexually harassed
  • Steps that employers can take when a claim is made against them
  • Employers’ harassment policies that lawyers look for when investigating a claim

Vandall emphasized the importance of employees reporting incidents of sexual harassment, instead of taking a passive, wait-and-see approach. He encouraged listeners to report incidents, despite intimidation to remain silent.

Vandall’s prior legal experience as a corporate attorney gives him particular insight into sexual harassment policies from an employer’s perspective as well, giving him an advantage when representing clients in their claims against corporations.

Hear the Interview Now

You can listen to the recorded radio broadcast by clicking on the link below:

Listen to the KALW radio interview here.

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