Red Flags to Consider When Researching Nursing Homes

caregiver with elderly manChoosing the right nursing home for your loved one is an important and often complicated process. You want to make sure that your relative will be comfortable and well taken care of.  Unfortunately, horror stories of nursing home abuse and neglect in homes across the country have made headlines in recent years, making through research and visiting prospective facilities in person even more essential.

Below are five red flags our Sacramento nursing home abuse attorneys recommend you avoid when looking for the right home for your loved one.

1. A history of violations. All nursing homes are regulated at both the state and federal level. Although some nursing homes provide subpar care, there are a number of websites that provide insight into their reputation and information about their ratings.

You can start by searching our California nursing home directory. Additional sites like Nursing Home Compare and the U.S. News Best Nursing Homes 2014 search engine provide a variety of information about nursing homes that is searchable based on your location.

2. Severe violations. If a nursing home you are reviewing has a number of violations, make sure to look more deeply at the number and types of violations they have received. One violation for a wandering patient is much more severe than multiple violations for misplacement of soap dispensers.

You should also find out what the facility has done to rectify any violations they have received.

3. High staff turnover. High staff turnover is a big red flag in nursing home facilities. Take into account if the staff seems happy or if they are discontent and wishing they were somewhere else. You should also make sure the staff has strong relationships with residents.

4. Residents do not have independence. While it is important that patients do not wander from the facility, you want your loved one to have some control over their life. Studies have shown that residents have a greater well-being when they are able to make their own decisions. Personal touches throughout a room are a good sign.

5. You have a bad feeling about the facility. Sometimes you simply have to listen to your gut feeling. If there is something that feels wrong or off about the place and you are not comfortable with your loved one living there, try somewhere else.

If your loved one experiences any form of nursing home abuse or neglect, contact a Sacramento injury attorney at Arnold Law Firm right away. We can help you and your loved one get the justice you deserve.

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