DOJ Targets Substandard Nursing Homes

substandard-nursing-home-residentLast week, the Department of Justice (DOJ) assembled ten regional task forces in an effort to decrease nursing home abuse and neglect by targeting facilities that provide residents with substandard care.

The task forces, collectively known as the Elder Justice Task Forces, are comprised of law enforcement officials, adult protective agency workers, state, local and federal prosecutors, supervisors from the Department of Health, Medicaid fraud control units, and several members of long-term care facilities. The Elder Justice Task Forces are designed to serve and protect elderly citizens in nursing homes across Georgia, California, Kansas, Kentucky, Iowa, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Washington and Tennessee.

The DOJ created the Elder Justice Task Forces to ensure the vulnerable, aging population receives adequate nursing home care. The department hopes the forces will be able to successfully eradicate nursing home abuse and neglect altogether. The Elder Justice Task Forces mission is achieving the highest quality long-term care possible for all residents.

In order to achieve this goal, force members will investigate claims and share information about nursing homes that are fraudulent or not providing quality care. Working together, they will attempt to resolve all issues associated with resident abuse or neglect, including unclean facilities, medication errors, Medicaid fraud and resident malnutrition.

However, not everyone agrees with the DOJ’s decision to create the Elder Justice Task Forces. According to Mark Parkinson, president of the American Health Care Association, assembling the task forces implies that long-term care is inadequate to the point of being problematic. He references recent studies that indicate a decline in instances of abuse and neglect in long-term care facilities.

The DOJ maintains that the Elder Justice Task Forces are an extension of the department’s commitment to protecting the elderly, and it will continue to stand behind its decision to assemble and promote them.

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