Honda Corporation Announces 5th Takata Airbag Fatality

Honda Motor Corporation, one of the worlds largest auto giants, has identified a fifth fatality in the Takata airbag saga.

Takata Corporation is a Japanese auto supplier that supplies nearly a quarter of the words airbags. Honda is a Japanese auto manufacturer with a large presence in North America.

Honda has used Takata airbags extensively throughout its line of vehicles. Unfortunately for Honda, Takata's airbags, installed in millions of vehicles across the world, are at the center of a global recall crisis that seems to have no end in sight.

The defective airbags produced by Takata and installed in Honda cars as well as other vehicles have been found to explode and rupture. The shrapnel inside the inflation device can cause serious and fatal injuries to vehicle occupants.

Until recently, only four fatalities have been associated with failed Takata airbags. On Nov. 13, Honda revealed that a fifth fatality in Malaysia was confirmed. The driver, who was not identified in the announcement, received lacerations from shrapnel in the airbag that caused fatal wounds.

In Thursdays announcement, Honda added that they would be expanding their recalls to include an additional 170,000 vehicles. The vehicles were all sold outside of North America.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is investigating safety lapses at both Honda and Takata and has issued recalls across the United States for affected vehicles. The NHTSA has emphasized the cars located in states with humid and hot temperatures may be more likely to experience ruptured airbags.

Anyone concerned about Takata airbags seeking recall information can consult the NHTSA recall website for additional information.

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