Glass-Front Fireplaces Pose Danger to Children

Kids and fireplace safety tipsFor all of their cozy charm, fireplaces also involve potentially hazardous flames and high temperatures when in use. Yet, most people don't realize that the glass doors used to keep flames contained could actually create a less obvious danger.

The temperature of a glass fireplace door can reach between 446°F and 1,328°F within industry standards, depending on the type of glass used. And, these doors can remain dangerously hot for up to an hour after flames are out.

While most adults know to exercise caution when using a fireplace, children are naturally curious and often explore with their hands. Toddlers are especially vulnerable to fireplace burns because they can be drawn to the flames without understanding the possible dangers, and they are not always steady on their feet. Many fireplace burn injuries are the result of very young children touching glass fireplace doors or falling against them.

Burns to children's hands from glass fireplace doors are unfortunately common. Due to the extreme temperature, even momentary contact with glass doors can cause second, third and fourth degree burns. Fireplace burns are not only extremely painful to the child, but can result in loss of function in the hands which can impact the child for life.

Fireplace Burns Caused by Defective Products

Glass fireplaces doors are designed to reach temperatures permitted by voluntary industry standards. The limits are meant to keep the glass from failing, not people from getting burned. These elevated temperatures create unsafe conditions, particularly for young children. A number of lawsuits have been filed against manufacturers of glass fireplace doors due to this critical safety design flaw.

If you or someone you love has been injured by a defective product in California, you may be entitled to compensation from the manufacturer, the wholesaler or the retail store where the product was purchased.

Our Sacramento injury attorneys can help review your claim and fight for compensation.

Fireplace Safety Tips for Parents

Many fireplace burn victims in Sacramento are children, and a large portion of these victims are under the age of two. Parents are urged to take the following safety measures to keep children safe around fireplaces.

  • If you have a glass fireplace door, check if the manufacturer offers a retrofit safety screen.
  • Teach your children about fireplace safety from a young age. Never let them play near the fireplace and teach them to never touch the fireplace, because it could be hot.
  • Surround your fireplace with a freestanding protective guard or screen.
  • Do not use the fireplace when children are present. Never leave a young child alone with an operating or hot fireplace.

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