Tips for Driving Safely in Construction Zones

2019-01-10 14:27:00

driving in construction zonesRoad construction zones are dangerous for both workers and drivers. Knowing how to safely drive through construction areas will help you lower the risk of accidents and resulting injuries, to yourself, your passengers and construction workers.

Work Zone Crash Statistics

According to data compiled by the Federal Highway Administration, more than 96,000 accidents occurred in construction zones in the U.S. in 2015. On average, 70 work zone accidents happen each day resulting in 12 deaths every week.

In California, construction zone accidents were especially prevalent in 2017. There were 48 fatalities; seven of those fatal accidents involved a commercial truck, but no roadway workers were killed.  

Work Zone Safety Tips

The California Department of Transportation recommends these safety tips to keep motorists safe while traveling through road construction zones:

  • Pay attention to signage – Orange diamond-shaped signs placed ahead of construction zones warn motorists of upcoming hazards, the presence of workers and reduced speeds.
  • Follow the directions of a flagger – Flaggers have the authority of a road sign in a construction zone. Fines for traffic violations in a work zone can be $1,000 or more.
  • Reduce your speed – Not only is it the law if reduced speeds are posted, but it provides more time for safer reactions when encountering unknown hazards.
  • Drive defensively – Maintain a safe distance from traffic cones, barrels and barriers as well as construction workers, road work equipment and other drivers.
  • Expect delays in a construction zone – Allow yourself more time to reach your destination so you will not be rushing through the area. You can also consider alternate routes to avoid construction zones altogether.
  • Turn on your headlights – This increases your visibility and helps construction workers see your vehicle.
  • Stay in your lane – When traveling through a construction zones, do not make unnecessary lane changes.
  • Avoid distractions – Just drive through the work zone. Do not eat, change radio stations, or adjust your navigation system while driving in a construction zone. It is especially important to maintain your focus because of the presence of workers nearby and unexpected equipment and hazards.
  • Practice patience – Be patient in construction zones and remember that workers are there to improve the roads for everyone.
  • Look for End Work Signs – Follow the instructions of construction zone signs until you see “End Road Work” signage indicating the construction zone has ended. Even if you do not see workers nearby, they may still be in the area.

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