Company Continued Selling IVC Filters that Endangered and Killed Patients

IVC filter lawsuitsAccording to an investigation by NBC news, medical device manufacturer C.R. Bard knowingly sold IVC blood clot filters that were potentially deadly, then replaced the product line with new filters that were also defective and deadly.

To date, Bard’s original filter, the Recovery® filter, has caused 27 fatalities and numerous patient injuries. The company’s replacement device, the G2® filter, has been linked to at least 12 deaths since its release in 2002.

An IVC filter is a tiny, spider-shaped medical device implanted into a patient’s inferior vena cava (IVC) vein, the largest vein in the body. The device is designed to prevent blood clots from traveling to a person’s heart or lungs.

Bard Records Indicate Knowledge of Filters’ Defects

Confidential records from C.R. Bard revealed that their original Recovery® filters were known to have higher filter breakage and migration risks, as well as higher death rates, than filters manufactured by other companies. C.R. Bard continued selling its original device for three years before eventually replacing it with G2® filters, which were nearly identical to their defective predecessor. 

Records also indicate the company learned about the faulty nature of its replacement G2® filters within months of selling the devices to hospitals across the U.S. Despite knowing its product posed a serious risk to patients’ health, C.R. Bard continued selling the G2® filters for over five years.

Since its inception, more than 160,000 G2® filters have been sold, resulting in a dozen deaths and numerous injuries to patients.

Both versions of C.R. Bard’s blood clot filters are prone to breakage and can cause severe complications, such as tears in the IVC vein, holes in the heart or lungs, internal bleeding, and other life threatening complications.

When C.R. Bard realized its medical devices could cause serious damage and even death, the company should have issued a recall of the defective products. By failing to pull its faulty devices off the market, C.R. Bard put countless patients’ lives in serious jeopardy.

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