Surgery Errors

Surgery is inherently dangerous and serious injury and death are possible without any medical error. However, when serious harm occurs because a surgeon or health professional failed to follow standard procedures or best practices, medical malpractice may have occurred.

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Surgeries are delicate procedures performed in highly controlled environments. Nonetheless, small errors sometimes just a tiny slip with the scalpel or laser can produce catastrophic injuries. This small margin of error means that strict standards are in place to ensure patient safety. But these standards are not always followed and surgical errors are not uncommon among types of medical malpractice.

In 2008, California health professionals settled 149 medical malpractice cases involving surgical errors, according to the state health board. Of all the medical malpractice categories maintained by the medical board, the greatest number of settlements reported for 2008 involved errors in orthopedic surgeries alone, for which 69 medical malpractice settlements were recorded.

When malpractice occurs during surgery, it can be exceptionally difficult to prove, because the only witnesses are health professionals involved in the procedure. Other times, malpractice from surgical error occurs after the operation when health care professionals fail to provide appropriate post-operative care or when complications arise after surgery. In either scenario, a detailed review of medical records and hospital notes is required to build a successful medical surgical error malpractice case. If you or a loved one has been seriously injured or killed by surgical error medical malpractice, you need to know your legal options.

You may be entitled to compensation for lost wages and medical bills, but you need a skilled and experienced attorney who will fight for you. Call the Sacramento, California surgery error malpractice lawyers at the Arnold Law Firm today at 916-924-3100.


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