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The trucking industry in the United States plays an essential role in the overall function of the country. From transporting goods that Americans depend on to collecting garbage throughout the nations neighborhood, all types of trucks are important to the country in some capacity. Light trucks have even grown in popularity, where sales have steadily increased throughout the last several years. As trucks of all kinds continue to surge in popularity, it is important to recognize the potential dangers and hazards associated with them, especially when passenger vehicles are in close proximity.

Commercial trucks of all kinds enter the roadways of California, especially during highway travel. Trucks such as 18-wheelers, semi-trucks, and tractor-trailers present a serious hazard to California motorists who are unaware of the safest manner of traveling near these vehicles. The general size, weight, and structure of any big rig make this vehicle a threat to the safety of the roads. As more and more drivers enter California's roadways, traffic congestion increase the likelihood of a crash. Even worse, the large structure of trucks typically indicates severe injuries for those involved.

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Types of Trucks

Understanding the different types of trucks on the road is helpful for motorists to exercise safe driving habits when in close proximity to these vehicles. Beyond the large structure that threatens the safety of roads with trucks present, there are a variety of additional elements specific to trucks that make them dangerous to other drivers. For instance, the large blind spot, also known as the No Zone, is something that all truck drivers must overcome. As a general rule, if the passenger car is unable to see the truckers side mirror, the trucker cannot see that vehicle.

All California drivers must be prepared to travel alongside all different kinds of trucks. The following are some of the trucks most frequently involved in auto accidents:

18-Wheeler Truck

This type of semi-truck has 18 wheels, as the name suggests. 18-wheelers are most frequently used to transport cargo, as more than 85 percent of all freight loads shipped in the United States are transported with the use of 18-wheeler trucks.

Dump Truck

Commonly called production trucks, are used to carry and transport sand, gravel, dirt, and other types of loose materials that are utilized in construction. Dump trucks are also used to transport large amounts of waste to landfills. Using a open box hydraulic system, dump trucks are often involved in crashes in an attempt to back up, as their visibility is greatly limited.

Extra Duty Truck

When massive items or cargo (such as a house or otherwise massive item) need to be transported from one place to another, an extra duty truck is often necessary. This type of truck carries an extremely wide load and the operator of the vehicle is required to carry a special license.

Flatbed Truck

Flatbed trucks are open truck beds without sides, often used to quickly and easily load items or cargo for transport. These trucks are commonly seen throughout California. Those operators who fail to properly load these trucks greatly increase the probability of a collision.

Garbage Truck

Garbage trucks, often called waste collections vehicles, are responsible for picking up and transporting garbage throughout the homes and apartments of California residents. These trucks are required to make quick, short stops along their travels as they dispose of trash throughout local neighborhood and residential complexes. Unfortunately, garbage trucks have a reputation for their large blind spots and propensity for traffic accidents.

Heavy Truck

As the largest of legally permitted vehicles on the United States roads today, heavy trucks are especially dangerous due to their enormous structure and large blind spots.

Panel Truck

Often used to deliver laundry, food items, flowers, and other forms of consumer products, panel trucks are small and fully bounded on all sides. These trucks are less dangerous than many of the above mentioned larger commercial vehicles.

Semi-Trailer Truck

Semi-trucks are articulated vehicles with a towing engine called a semi-trailer and are used to carry cargo and freight throughout the nation. Other names for semi-trailer trucks include tractor-trailers, big rigs, and 18-wheelers. Unfortunately, these vehicles are most often involved in fatal accidents, as the force of impact with semi-trailers typically indicates a catastrophic crash.

Tanker Trucks

Often used to store liquids and gases, tanker trucks maintain a large tank in the rear of the vehicle. Due to the hazardous liquids and gases typically carried in tanker trucks, collisions with these vehicles are often incredibly dangerous for anyone involved in the crash and/or in close proximity to the wreck.

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