Three Suspects Abduct Elderly Patient From Hospital, Steal Her Money

Posted on behalf of Arnold Law Firm on Feb 16, 2016 in Nursing Home Abuse

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While endangering the life of an elderly individual is most commonly associated with nursing home abuse, it is not it is not uncommon for abuse to occur outside of a nursing facility.

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Three Charged With Kidnapping an Elderly Woman and Forcing Her to Sign Checks

Such was the case for an elderly dementia patient who was taken from a Modesto hospital on Monday.

A 95-year-old local woman who suffers from Alzheimer’s disease was taken from a Modesto hospital on Monday.

The victim had been hospitalized at the request of her doctor, after he diagnosed her with severe health complications arising from her advanced state of dementia.

The elderly woman was reportedly very ill, and lacked the mental capacity to understand her surroundings or make appropriate decisions.

Knowing she was unable to function mentally, the elderly woman’s 38-year-old neighbor tracked her down at the Modesto hospital and smuggled her out of the facility.

With the help of her 38-year-old boyfriend and 19-year-old son, the neighbor drove the elderly woman to an area bank.  While there, the neighbor and her accomplices attempted to cash a check that they had tricked the elderly victim into signing. Because of her incapacitated mental state, the elderly woman was unaware she was signing a check.

The suspects withdrew the last $1,000 in the victim’s account. According to local reports, the suspects first tried cashing a check for a much larger sum of money, but the elderly woman's account did not have sufficient funds available.

After stealing the woman’s money, the suspects drove her to her home in Modesto and left her inside alone, despite her being ill and in need of hospitalization.

The Modesto police department was notified about the incident shortly after it occurred, as the elderly woman’s social worker noticed she was missing and contacted the authorities.

The suspects were later identified as Rosemary Bazan, 38, Salyce Bazan, 19 and Manuel Flores, 38.  All three were arrested and charged with various accounts of kidnapping, fraud, conspiracy, and elder abuse.

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