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Posted on behalf of Arnold Law Firm on Aug 11, 2014 in Auto Accidents

Planning a Safe and Fast Commute Throughout Sacramento

The world is rapidly changing and commuters no longer have to rely solely on the radio to ensure that they have the safest and fastest commute to and from work. Residents throughout Sacramento County can use websites, social media and apps on smartphones to assess traffic conditions instantaneously.

The result of this ubiquitous traffic information is the emergence of smart motorists who plan ahead. One of the easiest and most reliable traffic sites is a traffic site simply called: here. is also available as an app on android, IOS and Windows 8 smartphones.

Other apps such as Beat the Traffic sponsored by Sacto News are available on ITunes and the Google Play Store. The app allows Sacramento County commuters to figure out the flow of traffic in real time with accurate travel time estimates.

Motorists can also use social media to their advantage by reviewing Twitter and Facebook to determine the obstacles facing drivers who are already on the road. Additionally, many state agencies, and news organizations have embraced Twitter and Facebook and routinely update traffic news through these social media sites.

Dangerous Intersections in Sacramento

Heavily trafficked streets throughout Sacramento County have higher car accident rates. Intersections that are particularly busy during commutes pose an additional danger to motorists on the road during the morning or evening rush hours.

When you are preparing for your daily commutes make sure that you avoid dangerous intersections in Sacramento. Sacramento County police reports from 2012 reveal that the following intersections have high collision rates.

Dangerous intersections in Sacramento include:

  • Folsom Boulevard and Howe Avenue
  • Stockton Boulevard and Fruitridge Road
  • Meadowview Road and 24th Street
  • Franklin Boulevard and Fruitridge Road

Savvy motorists know that they can follow and like their favorite news websites and state agencies and get up to the minute information about delays, closures, accidents and construction projects.

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