People Want to Know About People!

Posted on behalf of Arnold Law Firm on May 12, 2014 in Arnold Law Firm

Oh my goodness, what happened to her? These are words that I have heard many times over my career at the Arnold Law Firm.

Even, Wow, he is so young! Why is he in a wheelchair? 

People want to know other peoples stories. In this day and age, when virtually all knowledge is available on the Internet, we can find out ourselves how-to do something, or which lawyers claim that they can level the playing field, right?

We live in a society that watches reality TV. Why is that? Well, I believe we have access to knowledge at our fingertips and have shifted our interests to sharing, communicating and human contact.

We want to know about each other!

When wondering what should I blog about? I seemed to keep coming back to the real stories of our clients because these stories have changed me in many ways. These people have affected my life in ways they will never comprehend.

These wonderful and remarkable people have made me a better driver on the road. They have made me very understanding and caring when someone is injured and hurting. Their stories have taught me that I should not take anything in life for granted. They all touched my heart in many ways. They were not just clients. They were friends and many still are friends of the Arnold Law Firm.

I hope their stories also touch your heart and make you aware of the special gift of life that we sometimes take for granted.

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