Parents of Slain High School Student Kendrick Johnson File Wrongful Death Suit

Posted on behalf of Arnold Law Firm on Jul 31, 2014 in Wrongful Death

The death of a 16-old Georgia high school student on January 11, 2013, has left many unanswered questions for the family of the victim.

Kendrick Johnson, age 17 when he died, was an African American student who was found dead in his high school gym. One autopsy revealed that Johnson died as a result of an accident. A second autopsy revealed that Johnson died of blunt-force trauma leading the family to believe he was killed.

There are so many questions in the case of student Kendrick Johnson's death. For instance it is still unclear when Johnson's organs were removed and where they were transported. It was only during a second autopsy after the family received permission from a judge that revealed that the funeral home had replaced Johnson's organs with newspaper.

A review from the Georgia Board of Funeral Service did not find any wrongdoing in using newspaper to fill the cavity. The funeral home asserted that they never received the organs. The organs are said to have been destroyed but it is unclear by whom they were destroyed.

The parents of Kendrick Johnson, Kenneth and Jacquelyn Johnson, have filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the Lowndes County Board of Education in Georgia for failing to prevent the harassment and attacks that Johnson experienced at the hands of some of the other students.  

The lawsuit is based on the school districts failure to act to protect Johnson from harassment despite their knowledge that he was being bullied.

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