Malaysia Airlines Plane Reported To Be Struck By A Missile

Posted on behalf of Arnold Law Firm on Jul 17, 2014 in Personal Injury

In a bewildering and still confusing case, a Malaysia Airlines plane was shot down by a missile while flying over the Ukraine.

The news is still coming about the exact number of individuals on board and their nationalities, however, the State Department is investigating reports of American citizens on board the Boeing 777-200.

The plane was scheduled to fly from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur. It never made it there. Early reports are suggesting that the plane may not have been attacked inadvertently.

Vice President Joe Biden has gone on the record to stated that the plane has been shot down, no an accident. Blown out of the sky.

The vast majority of the passengers, approximately 154 out of 295 individuals were from the Netherlands and are identified as having Dutch nationality. The plane was never able to send out a distress signal, suggesting that no one on the plane knew that a missile was coming.

This tragic loss comes on the heels of the still missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370. The wreckage of that flight, presumed to have ended in the Indian Ocean, has yet to be identified.

The situation in Eastern Ukraine is currently tense and it is possible that the plane was shot down by rebel groups, Ukraine military or Russian military, since all three groups have a presence in the region.

The situation may escalate depending on who is ultimately held responsible. 

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