Fire Marshal Warns of Hoverboard Fires

Posted on behalf of Arnold Law Firm on Jan 06, 2016 in General News

Fire Marshall hoverboard warningHoverboard popularity is on the rise, and so are explosions and fires related to these devices. The shocking number of hoverboard fires has prompted the California State Fire Marshals office to issue a consumer warning.

Fires started by hoverboards have been reported across the United States, the United Kingdom, and China. An incident caught on video in Los Angeles, California shows a hoverboard smoking, sizzling, and then bursting into flames.

Defective products, like malfunctioning hoverboards, pose a danger to unsuspecting consumers. If you or someone you love has been harmed by a defective hoverboard, a dedicated personal injury attorney in Sacramento may be able to help you recover compensatino your any medical expenses, lost wages, and other damages you have suffered. 

In Folsom, a hoverboard caught fire and caused $5,000 in property damage. The Folsom Fire Department found a burning hoverboard inside when they arrived. According to the family, after the hoverboard was charged for about 45 minutes, it was unplugged. Shortly thereafter, the device began hissing and making popping sounds, it then exploded and started a fire. One person was hit with battery fragments, which flew nearly 15 feet.

Following the recent incident in Los Angeles, the local fire department issued safety warnings to owners. A representative from the Los Angeles Fire Department has advised hoverboard owners to get these devices out of their homes, as they could lead to house fires.

Despite warning about the dangers of hoverboards, the Los Angeles Fire Marshall also provided some safety tips on buying, using and charging these devices.

Hoverboad Safety Tips

  • Any hoverboard which meets safety standards will include the products listing approvals directly on the hoverboard, charger, and on the packaging. Only purchase products which meet safety requirements.
  • Only buy a hoverboard that includes a warranty from a reputable company.
  • Ask retailers about the safety of the hoverboard you are considering purchasing before you buy.
  • Only plug hoverboards into electrical outlets to charge; do not use extension cords.
  • Never leave a hoverboard unattended while charging or charging overnight, and do not allow it to overcharge.
  • Only use the charger included with the hoverboard to charge the device.
  • Allow the hoverboard to cool down following use before plugging it in to charge.

Manufacturers of dangerous products need to be held accountable. The Arnold Law Firm's skilled defective product attorneys in Sacramento will fight to recover the compensation you and your family deserve. Do not hestiate to contact us for a free, no obligation consultation to review the terms of your claim and determine if you have a valid legal case. 

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