California Passes Law Legalizing Lane Splitting

A new traffic law passed in California that legalizes lane splitting will go into effect on Jan. 1, 2017. Lane splitting is a maneuver practiced by motorcyclists where the rider travels between two lanes of vehicles, usually during stand-still traffic. California… Read More

Two People on a Motorcycle Killed in Fiery, Wrong-Way Crash

The driver and passenger on a motorcycle were killed early Monday morning when they were hit by a Hyundai traveling the wrong way on Madison Avenue near Lincoln Oaks Drive. The collision caused both vehicles to catch fire, causing the man and woman… Read More

Motorcyclists: Seams in the Road Are More Dangerous than Potholes

The next time you hit the road on your motorcycle, watch for seams or bumps in the middle of your lane. These cracks in the road can be more dangerous than potholes, and, unfortunately, authorities are less likely to fix these road hazards. While hitting… Read More

CHP Emphasizes Motorcycle Safety Awareness for All

The California Highway Patrol (CHP) and government officials have teamed up to reduce motorcycle crashes through training and education. They have an important message to share: Motorcycle safety is imperative for all vehicle drivers -- not just motorcyclists.… Read More

California Sees Rise in Fatal Motorcycle Crashes: “Lane Splitting” May Be to Blame

A recent report provided by California’s Statewide Integrated Traffic Records System revealed that motorcycle accidents and related fatalities are once again on the rise. Our reputable personal injury attorneys in Sacramento are ready to help victims… Read More

Motorcycle Safety: Steer Clear of Danger

While all accidents have the potential to cause injury, accidents involving motorcycles increase the chances of serious physical harm to riders. Motorcycle collisions can cause head injuries, broken limbs, and even death. Additionally, car operators… Read More

Is Lane-Splitting Safe in California?

In California, most motorcycle riders, nearly 40%, use their bikes only on the weekends for recreation. Nearly 38 percent use their bikes for both a daily commute and weekend recreational activities.   Lane-splitting or lane-sharing, which occurs when… Read More

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