7 Steps to Take After a Hit-and-Run Car Accident

Fleeing the scene of a car accident is illegal in California, and every other state in the nation. Hit-and-run drivers can be charged with a felony if anyone in the other car suffers an injury, even if it is a minor one. Despite these laws, hit-and-run… Read More

How Can a Lawyer Help Me if I was a Passenger in a Car Accident?

A passenger who was involved in an auto accident has the same rights as a driver to file a claim to recover compensation for his or her injuries. Furthermore, a passive passenger is not at fault for causing an auto accident and is not liable for the… Read More

Study Ranks Sacramento Drivers as the Worst in the Nation

A new study that ranked the standards of drivers in 75 major U.S. cities named Sacramento as the city with the worst and most dangerous drivers in the nation. The study, conducted by auto insurance comparison site QuoteWizard, sampled incident statistics… Read More

6 Tips for Driving in Extreme Heat

Summers in Sacramento are known for being hot, but our weather has been unbearably scorching this year! When temperatures are record-high, motorists need to be cautious about the effects extreme heat can have on their vehicles. Follow our Sacramento… Read More

Sacramento Plans to Fix Dangerous ‘Bermuda Triangle’ Streets

The City of Sacramento plans to invest $1 million to improve the triangular area comprising of H Street, J Street and Carlson Drive to fix its confusing layout and end the dangers posed to motorists and pedestrians. The remake is intended to tame complicated… Read More

Biking Safely in Sacramento

May is National Bike Month, which is a month-long campaign encouraging people to consider bicycling as a transportation option. Biking offers many positive and healthy benefits for those who choose to engage in the activity. It is also an environmentally… Read More

What To Do After an Auto Accident in California

A car accident can happen suddenly and without warning. If you are unprepared to deal with a car accident or unaware of what you should do after being in one, you might risk jeopardizing your claim. This guide offers useful tips for what you should do… Read More

Motorist Killed by Drugged Driver on the Shoulder of Interstate 80

An Oliverhurst man was struck and killed by another driver found to be under the influence of marijuana at the time of the accident on May 4, according to California Highway Patrol (CHP). The fatal collision occurred while a 40-year-old motorist was changing… Read More

Study Reveals the Majority of U.S. Drivers are Distracted by Cellphones

A new study has found the vast majority of Americans are distracted by their cellphones or electronic devices while driving. The study, conducted by an app called Zendrive, found that U.S. drivers were distracted by their phones or other electronic devices… Read More

April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month

Driver distraction is a dangerous problem. Because of this, traffic safety organizations and law enforcement agencies throughout the U.S. have set aside April as Distracted Driving Awareness Month to educate the public about distracted driving in the… Read More

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